Concrete Systems Australia delivers cost effective and versatile solutions to wall protection and retention systems.

Queensland's leading property developers and builders trust Concrete Systems Australia to deliver high quality poured walls or shotcrete walls for civil, residential and commercial building developments.

Unlike alternative forms of wall surfacing, the advanced methods used by Concrete Systems Australia are:

Faster - Shotcrete wall coatings are between two and three times quicker to complete than concrete block construction and precast systems. Using Concrete Systems Australia means your project is completed and ready for sale faster.

More Efficient - Our highly trained and experienced spray concrete operators work alongside other crews. There is no need to shut down a site for cartage and factor in workplace health and safety regulations regarding crane lifts of precast concrete. In addition, Concrete Systems Australia shotcrete walls are fully finished in a single operation, unlike other systems that require additional rendering.

Cost Effective - Concrete Systems Australia's shotcrete walls give you faster turnaround times as well as maximum construction site efficiency for a better return and greater profits on your project.

To view a comprehensive portfolio or to obtain a quote for your specific project, contact the team at Concrete Systems Australia now.

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